Guest Reviews

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Thomson Safaris' experience shows!

Bryan reviews his Tanzania Wildlife Safari

The trip was WONDERFUL! Truly exceeded all expectations and I very much appreciated Thomson Safaris' attention to all the details. Thank you for coordinating such a wonderful travel experience!


This was truly the best experience we've ever had with a travel company.

This was truly the best experience we've ever had with any type of travel company. Thomson definitely pays attention to the details—little things, like umbrellas in the tents and hot water bottles in our beds at night —which goes a long way. And it’s clear that Thomson Safaris treats their Tanzania staff well; we noticed, and it was important to us.


Our guides' insights and expertise were a great complement!

Our Thomson Safaris guide, Ojuwku is a smart and natural leader. He answered questions about the Maasai and provided thoughtful context for life in Tanzania. We felt lucky to have him as our guide. Nasibu was equally amazing in a different way so we benefited from the knowledge of two heads guides -- with Nasibu and Ojukwu. Their different insights and expertise were a great complement!


Our memories will last a lifetime!

We had a wonderful time with Thomson Safaris. It was the perfect mix of visits to local villages, schools, and of course great wildlife viewing. The food was really excellent. We enjoyed the different flavors and the effort to please a Western palate without being unadventurous.