Guest Reviews

After every trip, we hear back from extremely happy travelers. These are their real comments told in their own voices. in the wilderness!

I didn't know what to expect of a Thomson Safaris Nyumba...but they more than met anything I could have imagined. This is definitely luxury in the wilderness. I don't think it gets any better than a tent with a porch. Happy journaling, happy reading...happy everything!!!


We wanted a high quality tented safari and we got it!

The rest of the hospitality world should take lessons from the Thomson Safaris' Nyumba staff. We wanted a high quality tented African safari and we got it in Tanzania! So not only did we have a great trip, we made new friends. (And that’s priceless!)


We saw the Big 5 before lunch!

We saw the Big 5 before lunch in the Northern Serengeti! We could see the difference in the other companies that were out there. Most of them would just rush by, stop, snap a picture and move on. Our Thomson Safaris guides never rushed us, we cannot give them enough praise for how great they were.