Guest Reviews

After every trip, we hear back from extremely happy travelers. These are their real comments told in their own voices.

Thomson has the winning formula!

The service on our safari was unparalleled

Wow, what can we say - we had the most fantastic safari trip imaginable! Words, pictures, and videos will never be able to describe the wonder that we experienced in Tanzania and the Serengeti.


I want to go back to Tanzania!

We had the time of our lives! What an unbelievable trip! I'm not happy to be home, and that NEVER happens. I feel I established a special connection to Tanzania and its beautiful people – they fascinate me. I want to go back!


North & South Safari was perfect!

There is only one word for the trip and that is  perfect . I don’t believe I have ever experienced a trip where every single thing was on schedule, just as promised, and in many cases even better than I expected.