Guest Reviews

After every trip, we hear back from extremely happy travelers. These are their real comments told in their own voices.

Tanzania was simply unbelievable!

North & South Safari Review

Ruaha was beautiful, as well. We loved the nights dining in the dry river bed by candlelight. The wildlife was even more exciting than in the North (although we were there for the first crossing of the wildebeests, which can never be topped!). I am so glad that we took the North & South so that we were able to experience as much as possible. I cannot say enough about the trip. Thomson Safaris was recommended to me by a friend, and I have proselytized it ever since.

READ MORE in the wilderness!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

I didn't know what to expect of a Thomson Safaris Nyumba...but they more than met anything I could have imagined. This is definitely luxury in the wilderness. I don't think it gets any better than a tent with a porch. Happy journaling, happy reading...happy everything!!!


We wanted a high quality tented safari and we got it!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

The rest of the hospitality world should take lessons from the Thomson Safaris' Nyumba staff. We wanted a high quality tented African safari and we got it in Tanzania! So not only did we have a great trip, we made new friends. (And that’s priceless!)


Everything was amazing, professional and fun!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

This trip BLEW me away. I didn't expect to see so much wildlife. I didn't expect to have so many amazing staff members helping us. Everyone was over the top amazing, professional and fun.