Guest Reviews

After every trip, we hear back from extremely happy travelers. These are their real comments told in their own voices.

We not only saw everything, we saw everything up close and personal.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

If asked to identify a "favorite" from among the incredible experiences we had, I simply could not. Lions 30 feet from our vehicle, lounging in the shade; a leopard on a branch in the tree directly above us; the Great Migration surrounding us with its abundance of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles.


Full of 'dream come true' moments!

Private Safari Review

Thanks again for helping to make this wonderful journey happen. A significant factor in my decision to go with Thomson was how easy it was to talk with you, not just because you always seemed to be available, but also because you were so knowledgeable, and eager to help.


We were so warmly welcomed...

Private Family Safari Review

We all found the Maasai experience remarkable. It was truly a moving experience to be with people from such a different culture than ours.