Guest Reviews

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We continue to WOW our friends and relatives with our stories and pictures.

Our safari in Tanzania was certainly the trip of a lifetime, greatly enhanced by the experience and enthusiasm of all of you at Thomson Safaris, both here and in Tanzania. We continue to WOW our friends and relatives with our stories and pictures. We treasure the time spent together amid stunning vistas and wildlife, learning about other cultures and ways of life, and being part of such a great group of safari enthusiasts!


We will never forget this trip!

We chose Thomson Safaris due to the various locations visited, the experiences that the Signature Safari offered, as well as the reasonable cost. It looked like the right value and experience for the price relative to others.


...a dream for at least 40 years.

Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Safari Review

We have been getting Thomson Safaris brochures for at least 10 years. Africa has been a dream for at least 40 years. It would not have happened without that email from Bryan letting us know about the itinerary options. We talked about it and decided it’s now or never and we're so glad we did. It has been a fabulous trip!


This trip exceeded our expectations.

We are pleased at the support and help given to the Maasai people by Thomson Safaris. Makes us proud that we selected your company to travel on safari This trip was absolutely THE BEST experience ever!!! We are so glad that we went.