The trekking safari was AMAZING!

Tanzania Trekking Safari Review

Paloma S.

Thomson's Signature Safari

The safari was AMAZING.  Beyond amazing.  There are just no words.  I expected to see phenomenal landscapes and wildlife but what I didn't expect was the wonderfully magnificent Thomson folks that we encountered EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (starting with Michael stateside).

The team in Tanzania was not only more than accommodating, they were enthusiastic and knowledgeable, possessing a great sense of humor and spirit, patience with teaching Swahili, and a great many other talents. I felt like I was among family throughout the whole trip.  I was sad to move from location to location leaving behind new friends we were just getting to know at the campsites and the nature refuge.

The conservation work that Thomson does in Tanzania is certainly commendable and important, but the team of people you have gathered and empowered to show us the riches of their country speaks volumes about Thomson's spirit and values. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something so grand.  I will come back again and refer many others.



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