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This year, Thomson Safaris is celebrating 35 years in Tanzania.

Since 1981, we’ve brought more than 25,000 guests to the country we consider home.

Why Tanzania?

We could list thousands of reasons. In honor of our anniversary,we're presenting the top 35. Come explore with us.


Tanzania is truly unrivaled in the breadth and depth of the animals that call it home. Witness the wildlife.


He finds what you can only see with binoculars.

The male lion intently surveys his surroundings to protect his pride. In the Serengeti, anything can happen in a moment's notice.


"Twiggy walking the runway" takes on a different meaning in the Serengeti.

Here, the models are "twiga," Swahili for giraffes, and the runway is a grassy path that never ends.


See the iconic Big 5.

Tanzania is one of the last places on earth you can spot black rhinos, lions, leopards, African buffalo, and elephants in one day.


The African elephant. It's the world's largest land mammal,

And you're sitting just 20 feet away.


Nyumba. Swahili for "home."

Just a canvas wall separates you from the wild. In Thomson's exclusive Nyumba camps, you’re not visiting the Serengeti. You're living it.


In the Serengeti, a leopard meets your gaze,

A striking reminder that you’re a guest in his home.

Mount Kilimanjaro

The world's tallest freestanding mountain; the Roof of Africa. Whatever you choose to call it, Mount Kilimanjaro is a destination you need to see for yourself. Start your climb.


Somewhere down at basecamp,

Trekkers are taking their first steps toward Uhuru Peak.


Every step is an accomplishment

When your destination is 19,341 feet in the air.


It's hard to believe there's ice in Africa.

The glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro are some of nature’s most stunning anomalies. Scientists estimate that in just 15 years, they could disappear.


Sights so picture-worthy, you swear they're staged.

With Thomson’s higher quality amenities, you can focus less on logistics and more on moments like this during your climb.


Pole, pole. Swahili for "slowly."

Slow and steady wins the race on Mount Kilimanjaro. What do you win? A sense of empowerment. Accomplishment. And a view from the Roof of Africa.

Great Migration

Occurring predominantly in Tanzania, the Great Migration is one of the world's greatest natural marvels. Join the herd.


The Great Migration doesn’t have a pause button.

It's an endless cycle of millions of wildebeest, gazelles, and zebras circling through the Serengeti ecosystem.


Ride with us, and you'll see.

Thomson's custom-designed Land Rovers are complete with pop-up roofs, comfortable seating, and zero mileage restrictions.


Take the plunge.

The iconic river crossing occurs in the months of the Great Migration when the herds' hunger outstrips their fear of the dangerous, croc-infested waters.


You're right where you belong.

Thomson's camps move seasonally to follow the action, so you always have a front row seat to the best wildlife sightings.


There are more than 120 different cultural groups living in harmony in Tanzania. Everyone you meet has a captivating story to tell. Meet the people.


You watch as he emerges from the shadows.

Wind bends the grass in his path, and the Maasai warrior looks as if he's been part of this landscape for millennia.


See what Tanzania is like through the eyes of a child.

Experience every moment for the first time and feel the spark of endless potential.


Your guide welcomes you like family

With a personality as large as the Big 5, and a heart warmer than the Tanzanian sun.


Where cultures intersect.

The semi-nomadic Maasai are immediately recognizable in their brightly colored "shukas" and beaded jewelry.


What puts tears in visitors' eyes as they're leaving Tanzania

Is not necessarily the elephants or lions they saw on safari. It's the people they met along the way.


With 25% of the country devoted to conservation, Tanzania is a true representation of what the world was like at the very beginning. Look around.


Float weightlessly over the Serengeti.

Just as the darkness of the night sky begins to lift, so does your balloon. Away you go.


New day, new adventure.

Your anticipation builds as pink clouds replace the night sky. It's time to start exploring.


The Serengeti goes on for miles, but all you can do is focus on him.

There are more than twice as many lions in Tanzania than in Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia combined.


Trekkers' tip: never take your eye off the prize.

Then again, when the prize is Uhuru Peak, who would want to?


It's like you're on a different mountain every day.

Trekkers pass through five ecosystems on Mount Kilimanjaro – each one more beautiful than the last.


Morning sweeps through the Ngorongoro Crater,

Gently waking all of the life that sleeps beneath it. The best kind of alarm clock.


A color palette that exceeds every artist's dreams.

In the Ngorongoro Crater, flamingos display soft shades of pink that beautifully complement the zebras' bold stripes.


They saved you a seat.

Glide through the silky sands of Zanzibar as you make your way to the ultimate relaxation zone.


Let the sights, sounds, and smells of Zanzibar lure you in.

View the rich history of Stone Town, once the epicenter of the centuries-old slave trade and spice trade.


Everything is bigger in Tarangire.

Herds of elephants and countless Baobab trees fill the remote land of Tarangire National Park.


Listen closely.

You can almost hear this herd of elephants as they graze the sun-drenched plains. Almost.


Go with the flow in Lake Tanganyika.

When the water calms and the waves cease, it's the quiet moments that soothe your soul.


Living in the moment is easy in Mahale.

Study the rays of light as they peek through the leaves, and clear your mind of everything else.

Bucket List

With its enormous wildlife populations and diverse, stunning landscapes, Tanzania is the premier bucket list destination. Cross it off your list.


An elephant never forgets.

And neither will you. The memory of Tanzania stays in your soul forever.


On the horizon, there's an almost-tangible ray of sunshine.

It's nature's spotlight, illuminating the way to your next adventure.