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Experience the Best African Safari in Tanzania

If it’s a breathtaking African safari you dream of, join us in Tanzania. It’s the best safari destination in the world with more than 25% of the country preserved as national parks and conservation areas. Tanzania is also home to some of the last authentic places on the African continent where you’ll find abundant wildlife in their natural environments, just like it was thousands of years ago.

Bountiful Wildlife

Our Tanzania safaris put you in the thick of the wildlife. Gaze upon everything from the biggest cats, to the smallest, most colorful birds, and many creatures in between. Stand in the heart of the Serengeti and spot Africa’s most elusive animals, including lions prowling in the gold-tinged grasses, elephants frolicking at watering holes, and endangered rhino looming large in the distance. This is also where you’ll experience the thunderous roar of the Great Migration – a continual movement of over two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles in search of precious water sources.

Explore Tarangire National Park, with its famed elephant population and majestic baobab trees. Step inside the Ngorongoro Crater, a paradise of pink flamingos and over 30,000 mammals packed in just 102 square miles - making it the densest mammal population in the world. Discover Ruaha National Park, an off-the-beaten path destination that’s ideal for tracking rare species with few tourists. Or take a boat trip through the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve, the world’s largest game reserve. Here you’ll find elephant, hippo and crocodile in the riverine environment, while rare species like Greater Kudu can be seen on the plains of the reserve. If it’s chimps you desire, hike the misty slopes of the Mahale Mountains in search of free-roaming chimpanzees.

Cultural Highlights

An African safari goes beyond wildlife viewing, there’s also incredible diversity to explore. Tanzania is a melting pot of more than 120 cultural groups, including the iconic Maasai. We’ll introduce you to the authentic Tanzania that most tourists never see. Delve into a bustling market town, visit traditional rural communities, and learn about the histories of Tanzania’s best known people from storytellers recounting tales from centuries ago.

African Safari Accommodations

Nothing compares to sleeping in nature, but on our safaris to Tanzania we pamper you with luxurious amenities that can best be described as: ‘camping as you’ve never experienced before.’ As part of the Tanzania safari experience you’ll remain as close to the stunning landscapes and wildlife as possible. In Nyumba camps, used exclusively by Thomson Safaris travelers, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the chance to experience the African wilderness like never before combined with Western-style amenities, including: en-suite bathrooms, real beds and fine linen, gravity-fed hot showers, and dining tents where you’ll share delicious 3-course meals with your safari companions.



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019