Community Development in Tanzania

Since its founding, Thomson Safaris’ partner organization, Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC), has worked with local leaders to address poverty reduction, women’s empowerment, and healthcare issues in their communities:

  • Over the last 20 years, FoTZC has supported teachers and students though the construction of classrooms, dormitories and teacher’s housing at 19 schools along the Thomson Safaris travel route. 
  • FoTZC is committed to women’s empowerment. Through a microfinance program called COCOBA, or Community Conservation Banking, Maasai women in Sukenya village have started small, environmentally-friendly businesses in bee keeping, tanning leather, beading, and gardening.

  • In 2015, FoTZC completed construction on a medical dispensary which included staff housing, toilets, an incinerator, a placenta pit, solar power, a windmill to run the pump in a Thomson Safaris-funded borehole, a rainwater collection system on each building, and we fenced the whole area. The dispensary staff are currently treating, on average, over 500 patients per month.

  • Months after opening doors to the Sukenya Medical Dispensary, it was clear that the majority of patients seeking treatment suffered from illnesses related to insufficient access to clean water. Consequently, FoTZC has increased its funding of clean water initiatives to ensure that villages along the Thomson Safaris travel route have access to clean water.

Learn more about the Tanzania community development projects developed by FoTZC and what they're doing to help build a more sustainable, independent Tanzania at



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