Community Development in Tanzania

Since its founding, Thomson Safaris’ partner organization, Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC), has worked with local leaders to address poverty reduction, women’s empowerment, and healthcare issues in their communities:

  • FoTZC supported a successful redesign of the traditional Maasai cooking stove. The new stove can be made with readily available materials, improves ventilation in Maasai homes, and reduces firewood use by 60%, and carbon emissions by 55%
  • FoTZC went on to facilitate a project that allows women to build and sell these stoves to their neighbors.
  • When droughts swept through Northern Tanzania, FoTZC and Thomson Safaris facilitated famine relief in the hardest-hit areas
  • In an ongoing project for the two villages that comprise the Oloipiri ward, FoTZC is building a medical dispensary. We’re working with village elders and government officials to ensure the clinic will remain fully staffed and fully supplied. This will allow communities that previously had essentially no access to clean, safe medical facilities to stay healthy.
  • Ongoing community education programs are in place to teach Tanzanian communities about HIV and AIDs
  • FoTZC is funding clean water initiatives and community healthcare solutions

Learn more about the Tanzania community development projects developed by FoTZC and what they're doing to help build a more sustainable, independent Tanzania at



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