Tanzania Education

When it was founded in 1997, the primary purpose of Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC) was to improve access to, and quality of, education in Tanzanian communities. Though the mission of the organization has expanded since then, education is still a passion for FoTZC. In the past 16 years, FoTZC has:

  • Built classrooms in 13 Tanzanian schools. In some areas, children were trying to learn in rotting, filthy shacks; today they have clean, well-maintained classrooms designed to help them learn.
  • Donated thousands of textbooks, as well as other necessary school supplies.
  • Constructed kitchen canteens in several schools. Many children in Tanzania were coming to school hungry, or were becoming ill because of unsafe food. These canteens ensure that children are nourished, healthy, and able to focus on learning.
  • Constructed student dormitories, allowing students from more rural areas who might otherwise not be able to access an education stay in school.
  • Built teacher housing in remote areas. Oftentimes, teachers cannot go to isolated rural areas because there’s nowhere for them to live, meaning these areas are sometimes entirely without educational options. With the addition of modern, comfortable teacher housing, these communities are now able to attract and hire teachers.

To date, more than 13,000 children have directly benefited from FoTZC’s efforts.



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