With Over 35 Years in Tanzania, We're African Safari Experts

Since the very beginning, we’ve focused exclusively on Tanzania. Our wealth of experience means that we're African safari experts.

We know what works

By this point, we’ve tried it all. Every campsite, every lodge, every meal, and every trail has been tested time and time again. Our guests can be assured that no matter what kind of trip they’re looking for, we know what will make it work.

We’re always improving

The only constant in life is change, and nowhere is that more true than in the travel business. We’re always listening to customer feedback, revisiting our assumptions, and striving to make Thomson the best that it can be, year after year.

We have deep friendships in Tanzania

You don’t stay in a place for over three decades without building lasting relationships, forming partnerships, and wanting to give back. Our long-standing commitment to Tanzania means we can give our guests an authentic experience of this beautiful country that few travelers ever have. And our desire to give back to the country we love so much means our customers can be confident that their trip is helping make a better, stronger Tanzania.

We're always available to you

Thomson has dozens of African safari experts who will help with everything from booking flights to accommodating special dietary needs (and everything in between). From your first call, to the moment you return home, you'll be taken care of, every step of the way.



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