Giving Back to the People

Rick and Judi have always tried to lead by example; not only do their hiring practices in Tanzania reflect deeply held values, any partner companies Thomson Safaris works with—from lodges we frequent to shops we direct our guests to—are carefully selected for their commitment to building a better, more sustainable Tanzania.

But we wanted to take our commitment to Tanzania a step further. A Thomson safari or trek helps fund:

Focus on Tanzanian Communities

While traveling in Tanzania, a small group of Thomson guests was touched by the country’s limited educational resources. More than the lack of supplies, they noticed the hope in the eyes of the students; these children were ready, even desperate, to learn. With the goal of addressing this widespread problem, this group dedicated group of travelers, along with Judi Wineland, founded the nonprofit organization, Friends of Tanzanian Schools.

More than 20 years later, the name has changed to Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC) and the focus on community-based improvements has only grown. Today, FoTZC works to:

  • Continue improving access to and quality of education in small communities across the country
  • Empower women through skill development, entrepreneurship, and better access to basic needs
  • Fund healthcare initiatives, ranging from basic (but vital) education in communities to building medical dispensaries in order to improve access to healthcare
  • Provide clean water to small communities; until this basic human need is met, no other projects can truly flourish



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