Thomson Safaris Gives Back

From the very beginning (way back in 1981), Rick and Judi have worked to create businesses that only leave a positive footprint on Tanzania. As leaders in sustainability, they’ve integrated environmental and social best practices into every aspect of their businesses.

Commitments to sustainability in Tanzania follow the goals laid out by a number of respected organizations and groups, including Sustainable Travel International, Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, Tanzanian government policies, feedback from our guests, and discussions with Tanzanians themselves.

These commitments to better Tanzania fall into two (broad) categories:

Working with Tanzanian Communities

To us, sustainability is about more than just a carbon footprint; it’s also about working with local communities to ensure their lives are improved by tourism, and that they can carry on the work we started. For years, Rick and Judi have consulted with local leaders to ensure that Thomson and its guests are not just treading lightly on Tanzanian landscapes, but also positively impacting the lives of Tanzanian people. 

Environmental Stewardship

From how we design the camps, to Rick and Judi's purchase of additional lands for conservation, every effort is being made to preserve the landscapes and wildlife that have so touched our hearts.



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