Grant Atkinson

Grant Atkinson is a guide, wildlife photographer and writer. He lives with his wife Helena in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an enthusiastic lover of nature and has travelled widely in Africa and abroad for wildlife. Grant spent twelve years guiding full-time in Botswana. Today he leads groups of travelers to Kenya, Tanzania, South African and Botsana, as well as other destinations further afield.

Grant enjoys all forms of nature photography, from birds and mammals to landscapes and macro.
He firmly believes that knowing your subjects behaviour helps get good results when it comes to wildlife photography.

Grant shoots Canon gear but is familiar with Nikon cameras as well.
He processes his images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and assists photographers traveling with him in using these programs.

Grant shoots a variety of wildlife related subject matter with big cats being amongst his favourites. His images have been on the cover of both Africa Geographic and the US National Geographic Kids magazine. He is a regular contributor of text and images to African Birdlife, Africa Geographic, and Pix magazine.
More of his work can be found at or you can follow him on Facebook



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