I have Thomson Safaris to thank for helping me live a long awaited dream

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Debbie S.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

I can't say thank you enough to you and the others at Thomson for all your help in making this amazing trip happen for me!! An African safari had been a lifelong dream so I researched and researched and researched more but I kept finding my way back to Thomson Safaris. I knew I'd be traveling alone which was a bit of a concern for me but after only brief communication with you I felt completely comfortable that I'd come to the right place. The planning of this trip was flawless and the trip itself was spectacular!!  From my first communication via email to writing of  my evaluation, I have not had to think about a single thing.  No worries at all! 

I knew I'd have a wonderful time just given the nature of a safari but I never dreamed I'd find myself so engulfed in the experience. When I first met our guides, Charles, Abu, and Heri I felt like I was being welcomed home. They were absolutely amazing. They so passionately shared their knowledge about the wildlife, the culture, the scenery, the history. Charles was especially passionate about the birds, something I never thought I'd be so enthralled with. We left having made a wonderful friend in him!! At one point Abu pointed to what we all thought was a shadow on a hillside then took off racing across the Serengeti. From miles away he saw the wildebeest lining up to cross the river. None of my fellow travelers or I had any hope of seeing that as it wasn't really the time of year to expect it. We considered ourselves blessed to be sitting at the river's edge when they started to cross. These three guides stayed there with us for hours while we sat awestruck!! I can't say enough about Heri's beautiful singing voice while he taught us "Jambo Bwana" at a campfire one night. His animal sound impressions were quite impressive. Anyway, I never expected this to be such an educational experience. At the end of each day the group of us commented that if what we'd seen that day had been all we saw our trip would have been complete. One of the most touching moments for me...the school children singing for us songs we learned in grade school. If not for Charles, Abu, and Heri my trip would not have been half the incredible journey it turned out to be.

The food was unbelievable!! Those nyumbas were unbelievable!! What Thomson Safaris was able to do is unbelievable!! All the movies and photos in the world could not have prepared me for this trip. My friends ask me to describe what it was like...I tell them in a novel I could not even begin. It's something I saw, I heard, and I felt and I have you and Thomson Safaris to thank for helping me live a long awaited dream. At the risk of sounding sappy, because of all of you I left a part of myself in Tanzania.  It's hard to believe I made such close friends in 12 days. I miss them.

Charles: I expected a great experience on my trip but NEVER could have dreamed I’d leave with such knowledge.  His humor and compassion for his work are something I will never forget.  In just 2 weeks time, Charles has left a special place in my heart.  From my first communication via email to the writing of this, I have not had to think about a single thing.  No worries at all! 

The trip was so well organized and cannot fathom going with any other group but Thomson.  An absolutely perfect safari – more than I‘ve dreamed of. 



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