I hope to return to Africa someday and my trip will be planned with Thomson Safaris

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Nina B.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

The Thomson Safaris team of professionals is remarkable. I had not taken a real vacation that required a plane and planning in over 15 years and  I would be traveling alone. The Thomson Safaris staff in Boston worked very hard and saw to every detail, every need, walked me through everything, answered all my questions (and I had many). They did it with such care that when it was time for my adventure, I was ready.  

Each Nyumba crew member could not be more accommodating or helpful and they all work very hard. They thought of everything, right down to the hot water bottle at the foot of my bed at Ngorongoro. Those are the little things that make a difference.  I got an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see all the hard work that goes in to preparing the food or getting me a hot shower. I was amazed. And they always did it with a big smile! Chef Francis even baked a birthday cake for one of the guests and the whole crew came out singing and dancing!

What Thomson Safaris is doing for the country and the people is commendable. How they provide luxury living without damaging the footprint is extraordinary.  I can’t thank them enough for helping me fulfill my dream; it has changed my life for the better!



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