It was everything I was hoping it would be: absolutely amazing

Tanzania Wildlfe Safari Review

Matthew B.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

The trip was absolutely amazing. It was everything I was hoping it would be. We got to see some amazing things; like how the maternal instinct of elephants kicks in when they close ranks around a small baby. A mother gently nudging her baby with her trunk to help it get through a muddy riverbank. The hunting style of a pride of lions as a herd of wildebeest stampedes past; and how the leopards will hang their prey in a tree to protect it from scavengers. And how a wildebeest will completely ignore lost or orphaned calves, dooming them to starvation or predation; or how children, living in abject poverty, just keep on being children because they don’t know any different.

Everyone we encountered in Tanzania was very friendly and gracious and eager to show us their country and way of life, despite their obvious hardships. I definitely come away with a renewed appreciation for basic things that I take for granted, like water whenever I want it (the collection of which represents a significant portion of these people’s daily existence), or reliable electrical service, or easy transportation to get to the grocery store, or refrigeration to keep food fresh. If people only knew how easy we have it here...



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