I've been fortunate enough to travel with Thomson multiple times and I have never been disappointed

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Colin and Lauren S.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

Safaris with Thomson are top notch!  I have been fortunate enough to travel with TS multiple times and I have never been disappointed. Their attention to detail and efforts to make the trip fun are impeccable. 

 The staff at all camps were A+!  For the resources available, the food and service were impressive, tents very nice and the toilets were a “fun” part of the experience.  The overall amount of time spent at each location was perfect.  I enjoyed the free time to relax and enjoy the area where we were staying.  I specifically enjoyed the cultural activities (school, women’s group, storyteller and boma).

 I took a Thomson trip over 10 years ago and Mohamed was a guide of mine.  Back then he was great – funny, experience, friendly.   When I had him again, I was thrilled!  He has only gotten better.  I hope I get to safari with him again before he retires.  He made my trip!

 I would do this safari again in a heartbeat!




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