I cannot say enough about each of the three Nyumba camps.

Private Safari Review

Jeremy Z.

Tanzania Family Safari

I cannot say enough about each of the three Nyumba camps.  They’re beautiful, the staff are incredible and the facilities are amazing.  It felt like staying at a luxury hotel with non-permanent walls.  Having everything so taken care of and having that intense level of comfort allows you to focus on the wildlife and the trip itself – rather than worrying about being well-rested or well-fed.  The food is incredible, too.  Thomson has found the most bucolic locations to set their camps.  The energy and work that goes into setting up these facilities in such remote locations was not lost on our group.  And of course, the staff was incredible.  They were friendly, attentive, everything you could possibly want and more.  

Phanuel is a MAJOR asset to Thomson.  He was engaging, friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.  He knew just when to lead and also when to step back and let us enjoy with him in the background.  By the end of the trip, he felt less like a guide and more like a member of our group(albeit a much more knowledgeable one!)  I cannot imagine wanting more from a guide. 

 The vehicles were always spotless in the morning, despite the dirt and mud tracked in during the day.  Vehicles were A+.



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