From Arusha, travelers can easily spot Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, crowning Tanzania's northern border Photo credit: Ali Riley
In the foothills of Kilimanjaro, farmers grow crops such as coffee Photo credit: Danz
Incredibly lush rainforests cling to the lower parts of Kilimanjaro
The thick vegetation of Kilimanjaro's rainforest starts to thin out as trekkers ascend into the heath and moorlands Photo credit: Katie Cordes
Trekkers on the Umbwe trail, the most scenic of Kilimanjaro's shorter routes, pass through the rainforest Photo credit: Ken Hosch
Trekkers on their way to the Shira Plateau hike through hardier, sparser vegetation in the heath and moorlands Photo credit: Katie Cordes
A trekker rests on the Shira Cathedral to take in the sight of Shira Peak in the distance
Thomson's campsite on the Shira Plateau offers excellent views of Kibo Photo credit: Erik Andrews
One of the most distinctive plant species on Kilimanjaro are the strange-looking groundsel trees Photo credit: Katie Cordes
The 800 foot high Barranco Wall is one of the early challenges trekkers face on their way to Uhuru Peak Photo credit: Ali Riley
Kilimanjaro's heath and moorlands give way to the alpine desert regions Photo credit: Erik Andrews
Kibo, shrouded in mist, looms over the Barranco campsite Photo credit: Ali Riley
Trekkers work their way up the Barranco Wall as they continue up Kilimanjaro Photo credit: Ali Riley
Near the top of Kilimanjaro, the climate gives way to the stark, lunar landscape of the alpine desert Photo credit: Allison Crawford
Trekkers pick their way through the alpine desert, where vegetation is replaced by large boulders, on their way to the summit of Kilimanjaro Photo credit: Paul Souders
Once you make your way above the cloud line, the sunrises are truly spectacular Photo credit: Jimmy Chin
These Thomson trekkers are warmly dressed for their final summit bid to Uhuru Peak Photo credit: Robert E Hyman
Near the summit, Kilimanjaro is covered in snow Photo credit: Helen Irving
Kilimanjaro's famous ice fields inspired everyone from early explorers to Ernest Hemingway
A successful Thomson trekker celebrates with a photo at the summit Photo credit: Katie Cordes
This trekker has made it to Kilimanjaro's summit, joining Thomson's 98% summit success rate Photo credit: Ali Riley
A group of four excited trekkers jump for joy after reaching Kilimanjaro's summit Photo credit: Todd Miller
From your tent at crater camp, you can see the icy walls of the Furtwangler glacier
Photo credit: Michael Moitoso
Kilimanjaro is famed for the glaciers at its peak, but if you want to see them, go soon! Scientists expect they'll have fully retreated by 2060. Photo credit: Paul Souders
From Stella Point trekkers can see Mawenzi, Kilimanjaro's second-tallest volcanic cone Photo credit: Michael Moitoso
See Kilimanjaro's lush rainforests one more time on your descent down the mountain

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