The Landscapes of an African Safari to Tanzania

There’s nothing quite like seeing a majestic, untamed animal in its natural habitat. But in Tanzania, the scenery is so breathtaking it often takes center stage.

Located right on the equator, Tanzania boasts a wide variety of climates and ecosystems. That gives travelers a chance to experience scenery ranging from the hot, dry grasslands of the Serengeti to the arctic landscapes near the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, and almost everything in between.

Even more exciting for a traveler to Tanzania, over 25% of the country is preserved as national parks or conservation areas. These landscapes aren’t only different than anything you’ve ever experienced, they’re pristine, offering a true glimpse of the world as it once was.

The list of beautiful destinations in Tanzania is almost endless, but we’ve picked a few that many travelers are especially interested in. Take a moment to learn about:



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