Meet the Founders: Judi Wineland & Rick Thomson

Since 1981, Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson have opened the hearts of Thomson guests through travel, all while upholding their founding mission:

To provide travel experiences of quality and integrity, and to deliver them with the highest level of service and value for our guests. In so doing, we will be socially responsible in the communities and environments where we operate, treading lightly on the land and giving back to the people who
welcome us so graciously.

Over the years, they’ve met icons like Jane Goodall, developed deep relationships with small Tanzanian communities and tribal elders, and been recognized by everyone from the Tanzanian Tourist Board to National Geographic publications for their contributions to both the adventure travel industry and to the country of Tanzania.

Even after three decades as leaders in the field, Rick and Judi are always listening to guests and working to improve. It’s a small price to pay to spend every day doing something you love: introducing Tanzania’s gracious people, remote landscapes, and elusive wildlife to individuals, families, couples, friends—anyone who believes in the power of travel to sharpen our minds, enrich our lives, and make us whole.



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019