Our Signature Safari was a perfect 10!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Linda H.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

The overall experience was a perfect 10, it has been the best vacation I have ever taken! I am worried about how I will tell my friends and family about this adventure – NO WORDS can capture it.

How could anyone possibly understand the excitement I felt while: seeing a lion pride, listening to Charles' experiences as a guide, experiencing the changes of the savannah, seeing "grass as far as you can see", counting 21 giraffes outside of your nyumba, listening to Leonard's tall tales, learning about Thomson's commitment to the people and land of the Serengeti, watching wildebeest run, seeing a baby "tommie", traveling in a Land Rover with the African sun and wind in your face, parking next to an elephant for the first time with Patrick's careful planning of where to be, sitting around a fire at night, looking up at a million stars, photographing an ostrich, standing on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, walking into Gibb's Farm for the first time and eating incredible food served by extraordinary people?  It has been the trip of a lifetime.  I will try to share this as best as I can!!!

PS: Thank you for the trip preparation materials!  I would have been lost without your incredible materials and timeline.



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