My #1 dream for over 50 years!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Linda B.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

Tanzania was everything I had hoped and imagined. The country is beautiful. The parks are astounding and it is obvious that the Tanzanian people and government care deeply about their wildlife heritage (as they should).

I chose Thomson because of the positive reviews on the internet and the personal video messages from previous guests. I spent considerable time researching tour groups. I also admire Thomson’s commitment to the people of Tanzania and their eco-friendly camps. Our safari was just incredible.

This safari was a 60th birthday gift from my son (who came with me). My #1 dream trip since I was 10, so that's 50 years....a long time to wait! So worth the wait.... I had no idea what to expect really; it was just so much better than I could have imagined.

The landscape is beautiful, the air smelled so good, and those magnificent animals were just everywhere. I loved lying in my tent at night and just listening to the animals outside. I knew they were out there close by. Every time I heard the hyenas, or the elephants, or even the distant sounds of lions, I would just smile and think to myself.."I'm in the Serengeti."

As we were driving down the road leading from camp, walking up the opposite way on the road was a big family of elephants. They were stopping to play in a mud pit alongside the road. We stopped the Land Rovers and were just literally surrounded by them. No one said a word - we watched and filmed. They were just SO CLOSE to the vehicles (watch video below). I feel totally privileged to have been amongst them.

Tanzania is beautiful, the people were lovely, the guides first rate (loved James and Hashim), the food was delicious and the tents very comfortable. This was the absolute best trip I have ever been on. I cannot wait to get back and visit the other Tanzanian parks. Thank you Thomson Safaris for one of most incredible experiences of my life.



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