We not only saw everything, we saw everything up close and personal.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Kay B.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

If asked to identify a "favorite" from among the incredible experiences we had, I simply could not. We not only saw everything, we saw everything up close and personal. Lions 30 feet from our vehicle, lounging in the shade; a leopard on a branch in the tree directly above us; the Great Migration surrounding us with its abundance of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles. The nyumba experience made us feel that we were sensing the pulse of Africa while we were luxuriating in comfort.

The attention to detail given by the safari support staff was impeccable. No need went unmet from our earliest email contact through our delivery at the airport for our departure. And, finally, I cannot say enough about our guides. Abu, our head guide, flawlessly led us through the most amazing experience of my lifetime. Support guides, Samson and Casmir, added their own expertise to Abu's and no day went without yet another breath-taking observation. I believe that the quality of this safari, the animals we saw, the service we received, the sense of Africa that we gained, were due in a large part to the exceptional work of these three men.

I was the eldest of the safari group, and entered Africa with a bit of trepidation. However, I would now recommend a Thomson Safari without reservation, and tell guests to trust the experts at Thomson to treat them to what can only be called the trip of a lifetime.



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