The trip was magnificent.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Bob D.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

Bottom line: the trip was magnificent.  It was worth every penny, and exceeded every expectation. I've been many, many places and I have never said that before. A lot of this is due, of course, to Tanzania and its animals, but Thomson Safaris is also a class act, and I would (and do) recommend you very highly.  This was intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for me, but I have already decided I will do at least one more. Just about everything was perfect.

At the camps, it was clear that you guys had thought of everything.  The tents were well-appointed and comfortable and, well, luxurious considering that they were in the middle of the bush.

The food was creative, diverse, plentiful, and delicious. At one point, we asked for a tour of the kitchen to see where the magic happened, and could not believe what they were able to put out in a such a rustic setting. One night, they even managed to bake a beautiful birthday cake for Kumbi (our guide extraordinaire).  All the guys in all of the camps were very friendly, accommodating, and sincere.  Seriously, they could not possibly have been nicer, every last one of them.

Our head guide, Hashim, was smart, knowledgeable, and attentive and, as a bonus, very entertaining.  While my main objective for the trip was to see the animals, conversations with Hashim also gave me a glimpse of life in Tanzania, and I have a newfound appreciation and respect for the country and its people. Kumbi was our other guide; all I can say is wow, this guy knows his stuff – animals, birds, bugs, plants, weather, terrain, history – you name it. A really nice guy with the vision of an eagle! A+++ for Kumbi. I hope I get him next time, too.

I will definitely be back in touch for the next trip – this time with more people in tow! I repeat, you are a class act.

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