Our group was so enthusiastic and engaged.

Family Safari Review

Bill Agnew & Family

Tanzania Wildlife and Cultural Safari

Penny and I noticed early on that our grandchildren were totally engaged and uncharacteristically well behaved. It seemed they left their sibling rivalries at home for the whole trip. Their parents were amazed as were we, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Our children, their good friend, Sherry, and her niece (aged 19) and especially our grandchildren, ages 9 - 14 were like sponges. They picked up a great deal of Swahili and seemed to remember every bird and animal they saw. The older two boys shared a good camera (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). They took several thousand pictures, so now their greatest chore is to pick out 100 or so to share with others. That task is ongoing!   

My son in law has been very absorbed in starting up a new business for the last several years. He took me aside and told me that this had been a very special trip for him, because it gave him a wonderful opportunity to get to know his youngest (their only daughter) as well as he knows the older boys, since he feels he has missed much of her development in recent years.

Grandson number 3, the 11 year old, was overheard telling his brothers that when he grew up and had children of his own, that he was going to have to take them to Africa so they could have the same experience he was having! (Somehow he missed the point about having his parents finance the trip!)

We found the trip extremely well planned and executed. We really liked our guides and our head guide, Casmir, was outstanding. Because our group was so enthusiastic and engaged, we spent very long days in the vehicles, sacrificing potential quiet time. On the last day in the Central Serengeti we were driven to the western part of the park, following reports of Leopard sightings. We found two leopards which had been treed in adjacent trees by a pride of lions, 8 of which we were able to spot. The male leopard was at the absolute top of a large acacia tree. We simply couldn't figure out how he supported himself in such a seemingly relaxed position at the very top.

Thank you for giving our family and friends a wonderful experience.



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