I experience Africa in such comfort and good cheer!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Judith M

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

I feel so blessed to have been able to experience Africa in such comfort and good cheer!

Every morning the vehicles were fresh, clean, and stocked with plenty of water and snacks. The drivers even found anything we left behind and returned it. Best of all, the guides told us we had a “lucky safari,” since we saw leopards, cheetahs, serval, rhinoceros, lions, and flamingos, plus many other magnificent animals and birds.

The accommodations were much more luxurious than I expected, and the staff at each camp are friendly and gracious. They seem happy to be providing good service. Gibbs Farm was a particular treat – I wanted to do all the activities!

Our guides, Charles, Mohammed, and Phanuel, were exceptional.

One particularly special moment: I had a persistent cough that was bothering me. Phanuel told the camp staff, and Hussein made me a special ginger tea that was delicious and helpful. Things like this made me feel pampered and spoiled the whole time!



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