The friendliness of the staff was contagious!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Camey R.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

I had an absolutely amazing trip!  Both guides were exceptional in spotting animals and we saw everything - literally!   The close relationship among all staff (guides and camp crew) shows a testament to the great job Thomson Safaris is doing.

The full experience was wonderful, food fantastic (you should sell a cookbook!), everyone's friendliness contagious - I wouldn't hesitate to come back.

Each day brought a new surprise and has left me with love for the country!  I had a great time in Mahale.  In fact I was the only person on the return flight who went to Kilimanjaro instead of having to spend an extra day and fly into Arusha like most other tour companies (other folks told me their tour companies wouldn't book them direct to Kili), which was a big relief and saved me a day of vacation time!

I have been so pleased and impressed with Thomson and had such an amazing time on my trip - I truly had a difficult time leaving it was so wonderful!  I look forward to going back sometime. Please give my best to the staff and guides, again I really appreciate all the planning and care they gave on my trip!



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