I felt truly spoiled!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Linda F.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

I had a wonderful time! It was incredible, magical, rich and beautiful, and overflowing with SO much. I am still in a glow from the wealth of all that we encountered. It was one of the most amazing and memorable trips I have ever taken! Every day was a new adventure, and time didn't exist.... I slept so peacefully, with all the quiet and black stillness (for me, that was a particular treat, with no city sounds and lights anywhere....!).

Everything was so carefully and thoughtfully organized and orchestrated for us, I felt truly spoiled. Every member of the team exuded enthusiasm for our comfort and well-being. Kumbi and John were a joy to be with as we bounced along from one "wow" moment to another. It's clear that Thomson Safaris has given much attention to who is added to the overall team.

I especially enjoyed the meals prepared for us at each camp - very flavorful and imaginative dishes - some of the appetizers were especially great, like the roasted/toasted nuts, and the crisp banana chips with savory seasoning. Since I like to cook, I was always eager to see and taste what we were going to be treated to.

I want to thank you, Eliza, for all your patient and supportive help with this trip - there wasn't a thing you left to chance, and I appreciated that a lot.



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