We had such a wonderful, wonderful adventure in Africa...

Private Family Safari Review

Jill C. and Family

Short Family Safari

Jill C. and her family, including her granddaughters Cecilia (15) and Cate (12), traveled on safari in December 2012 . Here are some of the journal entries from their trip!

“We had such a wonderful, wonderful adventure in Africa. I was not disappointed about anything.  Thomson really delivers what it promises!  Our whole ten days were filled with sensual delights:  I viewed Africa through my senses – sight, sound, taste, smell (especially smell), and touch.  Africa is life-changing.  All of it was perfection and I will be grateful always, to have traveled under the ‘flag’ of Thomson.” – Jill C.

“We arrived at the school and were greeted by 20 Tanzanian children and their principal. He took us on a tour, where there are houses for teachers, and even, cows, goats, and chickens.  As we walked, the children followed and watched us in awe…I learned so much more about the world, people and it opened my eyes to many of the issues, such as poverty, hunger, and lack of education. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit Africa and have the same experience I did.” - Cecilia R., age 15

"This morning, I saw a family of 10-15 Blue Vervet Monkeys looking at me. They were only about 5 feet away from me and were on the roof.  They fled when they saw me, though! Tomorrow we are going to Ngorongoro where we will stay in a Nyumba, which is like a posh tent in the wilderness.  We’ll see cheetahs, lions, and hyenas, according to our guide, Mustafa.  Yikes!” - Cate R., age 12

“We went into the crater this morning with Mustafa and really saw our first comprehensive wildlife ecosystem. We saw female lions early on who ended up resting under our truck!!! We also saw lots of baboon families interacting near the road, as well as monkey families. Our first elephants, 3-4 of them, were spotted walking among the trees and brush on the hill.” - Tim R.

“I love it that we are all here with Mom. She’s so game to want to do this with us, and being our little group of 5 is really special.  We will remember this time together always.  I love watching the girls with her.  The Swahili name for grandmother is “Bibi,” and Mom has become the “Bibi” of the camp for everyone, not just for our family.  Mustafa explained that a “Bibi” belongs to everyone, not just the family.  I love it, and she seems to delight in the specialness of her role.” - Lissy R.



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