I enjoyed meeting my pen pal, James!

Family Safari Review


Tanzania Family Safari

Seven-year old, Luke traveled with his family to Tanzania over the holidays. In addition to the excitement of celebrating his birthday and Christmas on safari, the highlights of his trip included:

  1. Meeting my pen pal, James
  2. Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti
  3. Soccer at the village school
  4. Lots of football with Nyumba camp crew
  5. Flying on single prop plane from Serengeti to Arusha
  6. Playing Last Card and War
  7. Making a zebra out of black ebony wood
  8. The tents and sleeping with the animals
  9. Mt. Kilimanjaro (Mt. Kili)
  10. Christmas and My Birthday in Africa
  11. Crazy Abel!

Luke loved his guides and according to his blog – yes, he submitted a blog post– he learned a lot from them about the wildlife and Tanzanian culture.

Click to read Luke's blog!