Meeting the Maasai was an unexpected highlight to my safari.

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Stephen M.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

I went to Tanzania to view the natural surroundings and animals, however, meeting the Maasai and learning about their culture was an unexpected additional highlight of the trip.

Thomson met and exceeded my expectations for the safari. The staff were well-trained and knowledgeable, willing to take the time needed to view wildlife and gave detailed explanations about what we saw. The campsites, food and staff were great and provided a good restful night. Everyone was friendly, had a good sense of humor and were willing to engage in discussion.

We were fortunate to view two wildebeest migration river crossings in one day. I could go on and on but you get the idea, it is a trip I will never forget. I have traveled all over Europe but this safari stands out as a real winner.



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