I miss spending time with my guides!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Moira J.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

The trip was absolutely amazing!!! The entire safari exceeded my expectations in every way! Everyone at Thomson Safaris is great. I can't say enough about our wonderful guides, Ojukwu and James, they were the best and I miss spending my days with them. I am actually depressed now that I am home, I want to go back!!!

We had so many good times, here's a few highlights:

- Watching the baby elephants playing, and stumbling on their legs...so cute!!
- Seeing TWO Black Rhinos in the Northern Serengeti....awesome!!
- My favorite - the lions lounging around with not a care in the world.
- Gibb's Farm, wow! Easily, the best place I've ever stayed!!

Thank you Thomson for a fabulous trip!!!!  I can't say enough about how well you all prepared me for this trip!  I followed the guidelines to the every word and was fully prepared!  The check list on what to pack was spot on, I would have been lost without it!



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019