People, cultures, and animals galore!

North & South Safari Review

Vicki & Rod K.

Tanzania Trekking Safari

The following is an excerpt from Vicki's blog on her North & South Safari:

"I have been back a month from my once-in-a-lifetime trip to the beautiful country of Tanzania. What can I say… it was magical. The people, the cultures, and the animals galore! Rod and I both said, we can never get excited about going to a zoo again after seeing these animals in the wild! We think we saw all 1.3 million wildebeests – on their “great migration” back to Tanzania from Kenya! Ha!

I feel so blessed to have been able to experience Tanzania, the way we did. The safari camps were fabulous and the camp crews were funny and helpful. The food was yummy- it is amazing what they could create in a wood-fired oven and stove."

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