North & South Safari was perfect!

North & South Safari Review

Kay W.

Tanzania Trekking Safari

There is only one word for the trip and that is  perfect . I don’t believe I have ever experienced a trip where every single thing was on schedule, just as promised, and in many cases even better than I expected. From the personnel to the choice of locations, to the timing, everything was spot on.

I was completely unprepared for the proximity and the quantity of the animals and for the kindness and wonderful spirit of the guides and all other Africans whom we met along the way.

It is hard to pick highlights, for there were so many, but I particularly enjoyed the balloon ride over the Serengeti, the tembo fires at each camp, seeing the gardens and experiencing coffee roasting at Gibbs Farm, and the lovely lantern-lit dinners in the riverbed at Mwagusi Camp. We remarked almost every evening that we could not possibly have a better day than the one just concluded, and yet every day was equal to or better than the previous one.

The North & South Safari really provided a great variety of terrains and venues. It seems to me that once you commit to the long flight and the expensive ticket, you should stay longer to maximize the value/impact. Going to two locations in Texas would not give you a true Texas experience. We have beaches, mountains, desert, and rolling green hills. I think you can say the same thing about Tanzania. We saw very different terrain in all three locales.

Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for us. I will certainly be happy to recommend Thomson to anyone who asks. I am VERY glad I made the trip and very grateful that it was everything I could possibly have hoped for.



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