We wanted a high quality tented safari and we got it!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Robin W.

Thomson's Classic African Safari

Let me tell you it was a trip of a lifetime. We are in touch with our fellow “safarians,” sharing photos and stories. We even hope to be able to visit each other. So not only did we have a great trip, we made new friends. (And that’s priceless!) We wanted a high-end tenting experience and Thomson offered it. We were not disappointed. The rest of the hospitality world should take lessons from the Thomson Safaris' staff. We wanted high quality and we got it!

I’m sure you have seen all kinds of photos, but I think these are a bit different. My husband took our “wild-life” camera, which takes pix in the dark, and is motion-activated. He strapped it on a camp chair at the front of our tent every night, just to see what was “hanging-around” after the lights went out. Enjoy!

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