Quite an adventure! Thomson is an impressive company.

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Jim & Marilyn S

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

Internet research led us to believe that Thomson Safaris was the best value for a safari.  It was obvious throughout our safari that Thomson was dedicated to excellence and motivated to exceed our expectations in every way.  Just the little detail of having a glass of juice available for us when we arrived at a new camp demonstrated that you all cared about making it the best possible trip. Quite an adventure! Thomson is an impressive company.

Not only is the safari great, but the good Thomson is doing for Tanzania is extraordinary. Thomson is just absolutely first rate in every aspect of the trip, from our three guides, food, camps, Gibbs Farm and most of all, the attention to detail for everything.  We thought our “day room” at the end would be a small room where we could shower and get ready for the long ride home.  Instead, it was a beautiful hotel and we all said “Does it ever end?"

The opportunity to visit a Maasai village, the Women’s cooperative and the Maasai children’s school significantly added to our trip.  We loved every aspect of our safari!

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