Full of 'dream come true' moments!

Private Safari Review

Anna L.

Tanzania Family Safari

Thank you for putting together such an ideal itinerary for me, and for making sure I got Kumbi; as you know from my letter, he was outstanding!

I enjoyed every location I visited, but my favorite was Kogakuria. I fell in love with the tall grasslands, sprinkled with the occasional tree, and the rolling hills. In the hour or two just after sunrise, the low light turned the whole landscape into a golden dream. Oddly, given that I went to Tanzania to experience the wildlife, my most magical moment was in an area with no visible animals at all, at the border between the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. Since the migration hadn't reached there yet, there weren't any large animals to stand out above the tall grass. The land seemed to stretch out forever, and I felt connected to all of it in a way I've experienced in only a handful of places. This particular location made me realize why people refer to a "sea" of grass, and I loved watching the wind roll through it in waves, and listening to the leaves rustle against one another.

Of course the wildlife viewing in the area was also outstanding; it was in a nearby valley that I got to approach within a few yards of a cheetah (my favorite "dream come true" moment), and watch lions feeding on a zebra (my favorite "National Geographic" moment). The feeding lions included a young cub who was practicing his choke hold and wrestling with the zebra's head; it was incredibly funny in a grisly sort of way, because the zebra's head probably weighed as much as the cub, and a couple of times the cub flip-flopped completely over the zebra's neck.

Thanks again for helping to make this wonderful journey happen. A significant factor in my decision to go with Thomson was how easy it was to talk with you, not just because you always seemed to be available, but also because you were so knowledgeable, and eager to help.



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