We saw the Big 5 before lunch!

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Patti S.

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

Every day was an unexpected surprise of what we would see that could be as amazing as the day before and every day exceeded the day before with another amazing sighting and experience. We could see the difference in the other companies that were out there. Most of them would just rush by, stop, snap a picture and move on. Our guides never rushed us, we cannot give them enough praise for how great they were. I would not have changed a thing and hope to come back with our grandchildren in a couple of years.

When we were in the northern Serengeti, we saw the Big 5 before lunch!  2 Lioness with 5 cubs about 25 yards from us, a huge male leopard lying in the tree, buffalo staring at us, elephants and their young so close we felt like we could just reach out and touch them and hippos sharing the river with the crocodiles.

Then Kaoneko spotted something far off in the distance. We drove closer and there they stood...not one, but three rhinos: a father, mother and young male. We were right in front of them, the large female and young rhino walked towards our truck - it was an amazing site and experience. We watched as the large male rhino seemed a bit more nervous that we were there, he began pawing at the ground with his hind legs like he was ready to charge. As we sat there more vehicles got the word and came to see these amazing creatures. We moved around to the other side of them so that the male rhino did not seem feel so crowded and nervous.

When we got to the Mara River, there were several vehicle already there, some had chairs and tables set up. They told us they had been there for 3 days waiting for the migration to happen. All of the sudden, the wildebeest began jumping in the river. Another amazing experience! They just kept on coming! It was another amazing day, and we hadn\'t even had lunch yet!

There are not enough words to describe the experiences of this trip. I am astonished as how well our guides were able to spot the animals in the distance and then get us close enough to enjoy these amazing creatures.



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