I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about our wonderful experience.

Private Safari Review

Judy N

Tanzania Family Safari

My husband and I returned from our Thomson Safari less than a week ago, and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about our wonderful experience.  We did lots of research before deciding to request catalogues from several companies.  Our decisions were based on likelihood of seeing the most animals, accommodations, guides, itinerary, testimonials of previous travelers, and price.

When we received the Thomson catalogue we thought that if even half of their descriptions were true, this would be the safari company for us….it was all true!  We had the trip of a lifetime.  Below is a list of some info and suggestions from our trip:

  • A Tanzanian safari was best for us due to the high concentration of animals in a relatively small area.  We also took an amazing extension to Zanzibar that was a real highlight.
  • Consider booking an individual safari…it’s not that much more expensive, and you get to choose your own itinerary and have the full attention of one of the superb Thomson guides.  Our guide, Casmir, was perfect in every way:  he had broad knowledge of wildlife and plants, Tanzanian culture, history, politics, and he spoke prefect English, plus he had a great sense of humor and fun.
  • Spending 2 days each in 3 different game areas was just right for us.  We got to see several habitats and more animals than I ever dreamed was possible.
  • The Thomson Nyumbas at each game reserve were the perfect combination of rustic campsite and luxury accommodation.  The beds and furnishings were beautiful, the lovely bathrooms were functional and attractive, the chemical toilet was simple to use, and the showers felt great after a dusty game drive.  The meals were so good that I gained 5 pounds!  I can’t say enough about the staff at each Nyumba…they were unfailingly helpful and accommodating.
  • Don’t worry about what to pack and preparing for your trip.  Thomson sends you everything you’ll need with complete instructions and a packing list that doesn’t miss a thing.  They also make the visa process very simple.  We were never faced with something we didn’t expect, or made us anxious, because the trip preparation info and instructions were so thorough.

We had the safari of our dreams because we chose Thomson Safaris!



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019