Tanzania was simply unbelievable!

North & South Safari Review

Yvette C.

Tanzania Trekking Safari

Our trip to Tanzania was simply unbelievable.  I have done nothing but brag about it to all of my family and friends since the moment we got back.  From the accommodations, to the staff, everything was perfect.  While you all can\'t control the weather (you can't, can you?), the climate was the icing on the cake for us as it was the one thing about which we were anxious from the start.  The days were pleasantly hot and the nights were refreshing with a light breeze.

Ruaha was beautiful, as well.  We loved the nights dining in the dry river bed by candlelight. The wildlife was even more exciting than in the North (although we were there for the first crossing of the wildebeests, which can never be topped!).  I am so glad that we took the North & South so that we were able to experience as much as possible.  I cannot say enough about the trip.  Your company was recommended to me by a friend, and I have proselytized it ever since.



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