Thanks for allowing so many to enjoy the richness of Tanzania.

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Howard B. and Susan B

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

Thanks to all at Thomson Safaris for allowing so many to enjoy the richness of Tanzania!

The trip was more of a journey into the sacred. Our guides, especially Ojukwu, helped to make my sister's and my dream a wonderful and powerful experience and an exceptional trip. And would you believe we saw a lioness kill a Thomson Gazelle no more than 45 feet away!!!

Gibbs Farm was beyond belief!  Came at a perfect time.  Refreshed my spirit and soul!  A wonderful gift to the senses.  Could not ask for anything more.

I had dreamed of this trip for over 50 years and saved for 10 years!  Well worth the wait!  All from beginning to end made the dream a reality and for that, I will always be grateful!!!!

Thanks for all your assistance in helping my 50 year dream come true!!

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