This was the best family vacation we ever had!

Private Family Safari Review

Nick K.

Short Family Safari

I have lived in the Middle East and had an apartment in Hong Kong, traveled to 50 countries and for ten summers have taken our three kids to different continents. However, this vacation I can say unequivocally was the best vacation we ever had.

Robert Chama was a gem and the arrangements and logistics by Thomson were exceptional.

Having 36 straight meals with my three adult children, having their iPhones and Blackberries not operative and having them remain with us at the table for every meal or every picnic was more than anyone could imagine on a vacation. Most importantly, to have the family so focused on photography and nature was a unique and unforgettable adventure. Having taken 12,000 pictures helps us relive an unforgettable experience.

My only regret is why I waited so long. I cannot imagine or envision a better family trip.



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