Thomson's Customized Land Rovers Enhanced our Experience in Tanzania.

Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Safari Review

Donna & Martin S.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

With the experience of the trip, you have another big sales pitch – and that is your customized Land Rovers. We were picked up for the balloon ride in one of the Toyota Land Cruisers, the ride was much rougher and the sight lines were restrictive. I had to bend over to see out clearly (I’m only 6’2″) and the view out the front window was very limited for passengers. Soooo much time is spent in the vehicles, so this is really a big deal. Also we saw a other safari outfits with the more open vehicles, the dust must be horrible.

We were amazed at how gorgeous Tanzania is and how you cannot ever know or understand the vastness and the incredible nature of the land unless you feel it, breathe it, smell it, and take it all in. The magic of the animals and the thrill of your first and last sightings, and everything in between was phenomenal.

The magnitude of putting the itinerary together and having it all work without a hitch was amazing. We were greatly impressed by Thomson’s organizational skills. We feel we sighted plenty, plenty animals and the cultural parts of the trip were very special.

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