Thomson Safaris was the ideal choice for us.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Terry O'Neill & Linda McCormick

Thomson's Classic African Safari

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. But what always happens when I get back after a long trip abroad is I'm extremely busy with matters here at home.

But I especially wanted to respond because both Linda and I felt that our experience was so positive, that in a real sense it was transformational. To experience such a variety of wildlife in their own habitat, up close and personal, is so life-affirming in a way very few things are these days. And I don't say this lightly, because as you know from our past conversations I've been all over the world many times; from the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra to the highlands of Vietnam and Nepal. But nothing for me matches the scale and majesty of Africa.

And in this regard Thomson Safaris was the ideal choice for us. We felt as though Thomson provided the most authentic Safari experience. I mean, for example, living right in the bush where wild animals roam through the camp at night. We wanted to be "at one" with nature, and that's certainly what we got.

It's always the people who bring a company to life. And in that sense Thomson excels. From start to finish we felt reassured and well cared for.

But just to single out a few people on site:

Willie, the head guide, brought just the right combination of leadership and temperment to his role.

Arthur Dallas, a support guide, impressed us daily with his knowledege about wildlife and his diligence to ensure that we saw everything there was to see.

And finally, Chris's operation at Mwagusi Camp was the perfect compliment to our Northern Tanzania Safari. Incredible experience with wildlife; primitive luxury when you're bone tired at the end of the day, and great conversation with a man who truly embodies Africa. Well done Chris.

As you can probably guess by now, Linda and I are happy to recomend Thomson to those looking for an ultimate experience.  Linda is putting an e-book together of some of our amazing photos. We'll send you a copy.

Thanks.  It's been a pleasure.

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