I was very impressed with Thomson Safaris’ attention to detail.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Review

Chuck & Gerry Branda

Thomson's Classic African Safari

Our guides Mohammed, Jonas and Leonard were fabulous. They pointed out animals that we didn't even see at first and were always trying to get us the best view - including the Great Migration, several times.

I was impressed with the tremendous number of animals and also the sounds we heard: the banging of the elephant’s tusk as they fought, the low rumble and the trumpeting of the elephants, the sound of the zebras at the waterhole, and the hyena laughs at night.

Every day was an adventure and better than the day before. We had a fantastic group of twelve from all over the United States and Canada and we are already exchanging e-mails.

After our safari in Tanzania, we headed to Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking. On our first day of hiking, our gorilla family had come out of the National Park, so we found them in about 35 minutes. The second day we had to hike up the mountain. It took us two hours to reach the gorillas, but it was worth it as we had another great experience. Our guide was perfect.  He really cared about us, making sure we saw the important places and that we were assigned to an “easy hike.” We were not disappointed.

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