A great experience and vacation.

Thomson's Signature Safari Review

Megan Torbert

Thomson's Ultimate Safari

My decision to travel with Thomson Safaris was based on your website, which was very direct, informative and thorough. A lot of the competitors were very aloof about pricing and I like that all the pricing was very straightforward. Although at the time prices seemed high, I have seen where the money goes.

In the Eastern Serengeti, I really enjoyed the breakfast after the walk. The staff even brought along 7UP for me to have because they remembered my order from the previous day.

My guide, Mbaruku, was very knowledgeable and you could tell he had years of experience as a guide. He was an excellent driver considering the bumpy roads. He was very entertaining and went out of his way to find animals for us to see.

The camp staff were all very nice and accommodating. The welcome juice is a nice touch and custom.

One of my biggest concerns for this trip was safety and I never felt unsafe.  That’s a big thing for a female traveling alone.

Thank you for a great experience and a great vacation.



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