Whatever our expectations were, I believe they were exceeded.

Private Safari Review

The Schultz Family

Tanzania Family Safari

I am not certain if anyone really knows what to expect on a safari until they have experienced one. Whatever our expectations were, I believe they were exceeded.

Every encounter with the Thomson Safaris personnel was very personal, friendly, and focused on our welfare and enjoyment.

We are a fairly private family and the solitude of the Thomson Safaris choice of areas was fully appreciated.

The Thomson Eastern Serengeti Nyumbas was a favorite. We looked forward to being introduced to a new culture, so we fully enjoyed the time spent with the Maasai.  We never felt ill at ease about anything!

Gibbs Farm was truly a joy in every respect- from beginning to end...we all lavished in its luxury. The chef was wonderful.  What an exquisite place! We could have easily stayed longer.

Can't say enough about our guides. A guide sets the tone of the entire safari. Kileo was wonderful.  He made the safari a truly marvelous experience.  He was very personal, attentive, responsive and flexible.

Ojukwu was a joy to be with and very knowledgeable in all areas.  Frank was a great member of the team.  The children responded to him and they developed a great relationship.  He was very informative and the adults respected and enjoyed his participation.

Our safari group was our whole family: grandparents, children, and grandchildren. It was an amazing way to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!



Thomsonsafaris Safari Catalog 2017-2019