Ruaha was more laid back, quiet, fewer people - like we imagined Africa of the past

North and South Safari Review

Andrei and Irina S.

North & South Safari

We had a wonderful time! We can definitely say this was one of the most memorable travel experiences we’ve ever had.

We were very happy with our choice of the “North and South” tour. The Ruaha (“South”) segment added a lot to the Serengeti/Ngorongoro (North and Central).

Ruaha was like we imagined Africa as it used to be (maybe only in the movies…) - more laid back and quiet, not many people. For sure, Serengeti/Ngorongoro are absolutely “must see” places, with their great concentration of animals and spectacular scenery. Still, Ruaha has its own very special charm. We don’t think you give it enough credit in your promos, they talk more about different animal types rather than what really makes it special. We particularly liked the walking safari we did in Ruaha, it gives a very different perspective.

Both of our guides (Freddie in the North and Jeoffrey in Ruaha) were absolutely great, very knowledgeable and very personable.

One more thing: we constantly heard guides, park rangers and others complain about how Tanzania is badly out-marketed by Kenya and South Africa. We can certainly confirm that if it wasn’t for Thomson being local (Boston) AND a Tanzanian company, we would have most likely gone on safari to a different country. Practically every movie/TV program about Africa has Kenya in it.

What we told the Tanzanians - and we think this really applies to Thomson - is the one way to promote Tanzania is by stressing how remarkably peaceful it is. We were incredibly impressed by Muslims and Christians, and by many different tribes living together apparently without problems. This is very unique in the world at large, and in East/South Africa in particular.

Overall, very high marks to everyone, and we would be happy to recommend this trip (and Thomson) to anyone from about 8 to 80. It’s never too early or too late!



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